host we use has been suspended Ran Into A Few Problems With Downloads

Ran Into A Few Problems With Downloads

Im writing this message just to inform you that the host we use has been suspended which will tempory affect the users been able to download at the moment. Im already working on a solution to fix this and by the end of the day, things should be back to normal.

As some people know i always try to link up to the original source as well as offer my own links, this helps support the developers on their project and gives them the motivation to continue. Sometimes problems like this can occur but apart from the inconvenience to myself and the users, it is nothing that cant be solved.

host we use has been suspended

The host we were using was from google and it went without any problems for a while until suddenly in a space of two days we were hit with takedown requests. Im not too surprised about this because sooner or later i was yet to be another target in the way of Google’s weak system and fake copyright claims. It seems fake copyright claims can be problematic and actually shut accounts down. I did have the option to counterclaim but what is the point? i will only lose anyway because the system is too weak and going off past troubles with the likes of Youtube im not going there again.

Thank you for reading and understanding

will be back up very soon

take care and enjoy streaminghost we use has been suspended