Popcornflix Kids Movies Legal app v4.92.1

Popcornflix Kids is an app to keep the young ones entertained. The apk is legal to use and no need to stress about upfront fees or signups. It is 100% free to use and packed full of content to watch for all the family. Some of the genres, include Adventures, Animated, Comedy, Fairy Tales, From Books, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Popcornflix Kids

Features Of Popcornflix Kids

  • Many genres to entertain the whole family includes original and full content.
  • Supports many devices such as phones/tablets/Android TV /FireTV/Firestick/Boxes.
  • Watch as much as you want without worrying about limits or timeouts.
  • No need to have an account or pay any monthly fees, everything is Free.
  • Has TV Shows and movies and includes cartoon shows for children and learning videos.

Is Popcornflix Kids Really Free?

Yes, it is free and is owned by a company called Screen Media Ventures they provide video ads to pay for the services so you dont need too.

The app has a different interface depending on what Android devices you have

The app’s interface looks different depending on what device you have, On the FireTV and sticks it will use the Andriod TV interface using the leanback launcher. On the Nvidia shield, it will install by default with the phone interface.

How do i activate the Android TV with the Nvidia Sheild?

  1. After you have installed Popcornflix kids minimize the app.
  2. On the top row of the shield, you will see a list of other pinned apps and your favorites.
  3. Go to the end of the list and you will see a big + click it then find Popcornflix kids.
  4. After you find Popcornflix kids you can then (add the app to favorites) by clicking it.
  5. All should be good now and you can now launch the app from your pinned apps, Enjoy

Official website to use via a browser

Popcornflix kids can be found on the official website and a number of other places. The website has the same content to watch via your favorite web browser.

Playstore Version

The playstore version of  Popcornflix Kids can be found @ play.google.com and can be downloaded on any devices that support the playstore, if you have any issues you can choose my download links below.

Amazon version of the app

For the amazon version and for those using FireTV and Sticks the official can be found on amazon.com or choose my links below for quickness.

Apple Store

If you have an apple device and landed on this page, the official page can be found at apps.apple.com check it out.


If you are looking for their other app popcornflix it can be found within this website, feel free to click the link to the correct page.

Mod Details

  • Server-side ad breaks disabled
  • analytics disabled
  • Receivers disabled
  • Mod by hifi 2007 reviews



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