Oiptv Arabic apk world LIVE TV MOD v1.3


Oiptv Arabic world apk is one of the newer entertainment apps. But, many have already started using it and talking about it. It offers the users access to the latest content in the HD as well as SD quality. This app has a pretty good looking interface that also ensures incredible ease of use. It is free of cost and definitely worth a try.

What is OIPTV

OIPTV Android app is a wonderful entertainment solution for those who like everything that’s ‘on the go’. You can watch top quality live TV on your Android device anytime, anywhere. And, everything is free of cost here. But, this app is not listed on the official app store for some reason. So, what do we do about it?

3 Section

The apk has 3 iptv sections which can change content frequently. It is best to browse through each one. I’ve noticed it provides content such as Arabic movies, and a few English there too. As i was browsing within the app i saw English live tv, Australian and german. The list gets updated daily so countries might be there 1 day and gone the next. Check through the sections and see what you can find to watch.

Changes for May 2020

Since the latest update, the iptv core player or any 3rd party players is no longer required. The app will now work without these and has it’s own built-in player and works rather well.

Mod Details for Oiptv Arabic world apk

  • Removed debug
  • ads removed
  • analytics disabled

OIPTVAPP.ver.1.3.build.4 mod by hifi 2007 reviews