Speedtest.net number 1 Speed test apk android AD-FREE

number 1 Speed test

number 1 Speed test apk android


The number 1 Speedtest.net has been around for many years. This app can test the speed of your connection with a simple 1 tap click. It has many global servers so we should not have any problems testing your speed for local networks. Speadtest.net is made by a company called Ookla and claims to have millions of users that have used this app and is considered number 1 and the best speed test at this time.


Speedtest.net number 1 Speed test apk android AD-FREESpeedtest.net number 1 Speed test apk android AD-FREE

What it will do for you

The speed test will test your download speeds and your upload speeds as well as test what your ping is at. It has a nice detailed graph and will show us if our connection is consistent. It can test your cell phone data and will also test your phone that is connected to your router via wifi. The ping will show us if we have a low ping via wifi and test to see how stable it is.

Do you get what you pay for with your (Isp) internet Service Provider?

With this apk speed test if we choose a server nearest to our location then retest a few times this will give us an indication if we are getting what we have paid for. Sometimes internet service providers promise speeds that they can not deliver. We can also track our past tests and see how it goes throughout the week. There’s also a share option to share your results in other places and with friends, maybe you have that one friend you want to show off to. This Speedtest has multiple connections option to test your maximum potential speed and also has a single connection test to see what your connection is at using a single file.

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Speedtest-Premium-v4.4.19build64008-Mod Lite by Balatan



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