Nature Explorer Android App version v10.6.0

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Nature Explorer Android App 

Nature Explorer Aviasoft Nature for Android has 10 nature topics to download FREE. The locale is Western Europe. Each item has an illustration, photographs, and a description. The subject of European Birds is feature-full. Nature topics are downloaded from within the app.

More Information

Nature Explorer was created 20 years ago on Mobilism using Windows Mobile with many European Mobilism members helping with the project. It is now on Android and in version 10. It is completely free. You can use one or more nature topics as you wish and data is stored on your phone for in-field identification. Version 10 now allows users to move the database topics to their removable memory card thus saving internal memory space. Nature Explorer is the ideal birder’s app but with 10 nature topics to use it is useful for anyone interested in European nature. Many of the topics have partial or full translations in many European languages thanks to past efforts of the Mobilism community.Nature Explorer

  •  Birds (Europe)
  •  Birds – Vagrants (Europe)
  •  Butterflies (Europe)
  •  Insects (Spiders and other Anthropods)
  •  Wild Flowers (Europe)
  •  Trees
  •  Fungi
  •  Reptiles & Amphibians
  •  Fossils
  •  Rocks
  •  Mammals


  • Species can be sorted alphabetically and viewed using Latin or common names.
  •  Extra data and features for Birders (plumage, maps and songs/calls).
  •  The database may now be stored on a removable memory card.

Window Version

If you would like to check out the window version click HERE

What’s New


  •   Use the SD-card to hold the database.
  •  Compare 2 species options – improved.


Check out the website HERE it is completly free to download and use this app. Credits to the developer for keeping it 100% free.

Nature Explorer Android App version 10.6.0