MXL IPTV for Android – APK Download AD-FREE

MXL apk

MXL IPTV for Android – APK Download

MXL apk is a new android app which provides many Spanish speaking live tv channels and when testing the channels most are working at the time of writing. It offers many categories which include sports, movies, music, entertainment, kids, documentary and also has a 24/7 section.

The apk also includes the following countries

MXL apk

  • Spanish
  • USA
  • UK

The apk offers movies as well and as a great selection to choose from.

and many more

MXL apk also has a very good search engine and we are able to search our channel quickly and not only that but I also see some movies in the apk and are easily played with a 1 click option. When we search the channel we are looking for we then are able to bookmark and add to favorites using the love heart. I think if you are Spanish speaking then maybe check this apk out because at the time of writing I found that it was very stable.

website address 

you can check out the website HERE and support the developer of this fine apk.

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To use the play store version type mxltv  in the URL box then press ADD LIST

MXL play store version[Ad Free] mod by hifi 2007 reviews


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