MRzipTV and OLA TV android

MRzipTV and RELAX TV apk

MRzipTV and OLA TV android

MRzipTV and RELAX TV apk lets us watch more than 100 plus Live TV Channels for free on your Android Phone from many places from the world


  • News
  • Football
  • Entertainment
  • Cricket
  • Movie
  • Religion
  • Cartoon
  • Science and Animals

MRzipTV and RELAX TV is a Live TV Apk for android and is best used with mobile phones. The apk streams many Live Channels from many different countries. Most of the channels are available in SD and HD. You can watch sports, movies, and entertainment from countries like the USA, Germany, France, India and other European, Asian. To access this list use the filter on the right this is where you can scroll to your country and section of choice.

Relax tv has now gone and become OLA TV yet again. OLA TV has come and gone and now back. Has to be the most unstable developer I’ve ever known for as long as I’ve been dealing with apk,s

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