Morpheus TV HD Movies and TV Shows v1.83

Morpheus TV HD APK is one of the better apps for Android devices. It has good quality content in HD quality and 4K from around the World. The apk is 100% free and has tons of movies, latest episodes, documentaries, and more. The Morpheus TV HD apk has also got subtitles for every single video.

Morpheus TV HD APK

Features Of Morpheus

The apk searches many free and public websites for streaming links and provides the results in a simple interface. This apk also has Trakt. tv.


The apk offers Trakt. tv, but it is limited to Collections and Watchlist and will automatically mark as watched when you watch 90% of the movie or tv show.  It has its own internal player (Exoplayer with some modifications) and can also play to Chromecast devices.

Manage downloads

Morpheus TV HD allows you to download the sources to watch later. This is a great option if you have slow internet or suffer from a lot of buffering because you can just download the file and watch it later.


The Cast allows you to stream your sources and torrents to those devices. After clicking the cast icon and selecting your device, any stream will be played on it instead of the internal player.


You can watch torrent streams on Morpheus TV HD and there is no need to download them. Torrents will be cast to Chromecast devices by using a built-in HTTP server which will then stream the file directly to our device. Torrents are not enabled by default but if you want to use torrents you should use a VPN service while torrenting to avoid any problems with copyright or ISP issues.

What’s New

  • VERSION 1.72
  • Link app to firebase for more server functions and debugging purposes
  • Add AutoPlay, Play movies/series without having to select a link
  • Improve built-in player
  • Fixed issue with users not able to connect to a certain site by removing the user agent
  • Happy Holidays From Morpheus Team!

Mod Details

  • Removed ads
  • No Forced Update
  • Analytics Disabled
  • Mod by hifi2007 reviews

Morpheus TV – HD Movies and TV Shows v1.83


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