Mobdro – All the web’s free video streams on your Android device


Mobdro – All the web’s free video streams on your Android device

My Review

Mobdro live tv apk for Android offers many channels for live tv. It has been active for many years now and is one of the very first apps to offer live tv channels back in the early days of streaming. I can not ever remember a time where mobdro has been down as an app ok channels go down like all free IPTV  but I’ve never known the apk itself to go down.

Mobdro does not always offer fantastic quality but it is reliable in the respect that it has been round such a long time and unlike other apks, this one has stuck around where many other apps like this don’t last very long sometimes.


Mobdro has just recently changed where the original apk now offers the choice of the ad-free or the ad version the catch been that the ad-free version will use box and phone systems resources because they offer some kind of mining service in exchange for an ad-free return but this is not forced and you are free to opt-out at any time.

I do still offer the old version of a modded version of the apk before all the changes were made so feel free to use the modded ad-free version without the need to worry about systems resources. It is still early to say if systems resources are harmful and even if it doesn’t do we really need extra services running on our devices? I really think the developer needs to rethink this plan and offer a better solution to remove the ads.


mobdro original

Mobdro v2.1.14 (update 2.1.38) [Ad Free + Mod].apk KirIif 


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  1. New version is 2.1.30. Not trying to pester you or anything, just thought it might be helpful if I gave you the version. Using the ad supported with Blokada for now. Works nice as I’m sure you know. ☮️

  2. Well, I’m uninstalling Mobdro til a new mod comes out. It keeps turning the ads off after I clearly selected that I want the ads. I don’t like it using my resources and it seems I can’t trust their settings so I’m done with them for now.

    • hi, buddy, I don’t blame you I think this was a silly move from the developer because what was once a trusted apk for many years is now in something I’m not 100% sure of.

      • Ya man. Absolutely. Just makes a person a little uneasy. Thanks for providing the mods hifi. I trust them. ☮️

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