Mega Shows Apk V1.0 Ad-Free Android

Mega Shows Apk

Mega Shows Apk can come in handy when you are not able to watch your favorite programs on TV at home. In this situation, you may want to stream that content at a later time on your phone. And this is the time when mega shows come as a plus. With this excellent application, there are many possibilities to watch TV shows You can use it in any location you are currently in. Mega Shows Apk has been around before and was on version v10.0.0 before it was noticed and then pulled from the play store.

To this day that version is active and is working and the only difference between the two different versions is a color change and the app icon is very slightly different. The v10.0.0 is blue color and has a square icon and the newer version which is v.1.0 is an orange and black color with a blue round icon.

Mega Shows Apk


Features Of  The Mega Shows App

  • The app is free to use and no signup or money is needed.
  • The movies and TV shows have a 1 click play option.
  • A built-in player that works well.
  • Works on boxes, phones, tablets.


  • Lots of Movies and Tv Shows content.
  • Can download Movies within the app.
  • Find movies easy with the built-in search.


  • Very basic apk.This is true but simple can be good for most of you that just want a basic and easy to use the app.
  • No trakt.Not a big deal to some of you.
  • No real debrid option.
  • Ugly interface. To be fair i say this but it’s not all that bad. Most of you would like it.
  • The app is always getting removed from the play store. Because of this, we need to search for it again.