LiveSportsTV Navi x sports apk v1.1

LiveSportsTV Apk

LiveSportsTV is an Android application that offers Live Sport on Matchdays. You can follow your favorite teams including the latest news, transfers, rumors, stats. You can watch your favorite sports teams when they are playing live. The app has a simple to use interface and it seems to be a very user-friendly app. The app might not function on nonsports days but should always provide working links when sports days arrive.

sports TV

My Review

I have tested this on a few occasions and it seems very solid. The app seemed to work very well with little to hardly any buffering. When events are available the app has many options and many different types of links. This app is from the same developer as Navi x  and the website is located HERE feel free to check them out. So if you are looking for a great sports app that has been around for some time then check out the download links below.


At the moment the website is down but the app itself seems to function normally.

Navi x sports TV

If you would like to see the original Navi click MEit all depends on which 1 you prefer to use. They offer the same content with a different color interface.

Supported devices

The app should work on most devices like Android phones, Tablets, and Boxes. Amazon devices such as firetv and firesticks also supported. You might need a mouse toggle for some devices.


  • Free to use and no need to sign up or pay for anything.
  • Many LIVE sports TV on sports events with multiple link options.
  • Simple to use and has a fast interface
  • Works on many Android devices such as phones and tablets.

Mod details

  • Removed ads
  • mod by NxTLvLTech

LiveSportsTV v1.1 Adfree Mod by  NxTLvLTech