Inkpad Notepad and To-do list v4.3.31 Premium

Inkpad Notepad and To-do list Apk

Inkpad Notepad and To-do list is a simple application that makes it easy to write notes, auto-save ensures you never lose note content, and secure online backup/restore so you can access your notes when you move to a new phone.


  •  Autosave Notes
  •  Checklists/To-do-list Notes
  •  Search Notes
  •  Sync Notes Across Android/iOS Devices
  •  Secure Online Backup/Restore
  •  Access Notes securely from a computer web browser at
  •  PIN Code (premium)
  •  Note HIstory (premium)
  •  Tags to organize notes

Inkpad Notepad

Write anything

InkPad Notepad is a simple, elegant, easy-to-use notes app. Once you had to write things in a notepad and carry it around with you. If you wrote a shopping list, you might go to the store and discover you had forgotten your notepad. But how often do you forget to bring your mobile phone with you? Introducing InkPad, the notepad that you’ll only forget as often as your phone.

To change a note’s title

First, open it, then press your phone’s menu button. Tap Edit title to open the title editor. If you don’t want a note any longer, tap the delete” button at the bottom of the page, or long-press the title of a note, then tap on delete.

You are able to capture your thoughts and use notes and lists.

Use anywhere

Access your notes anywhere using your computer or on a phone and tablet.


With the quick keyword search, the app will allow you to find words easily.

Play Store

If you are interested in the app to check out the play store HERE

What’s New

  •  Removed some permissions that are no longer required
  •  Improved sign in experience
  •  Automatic backups will now request Storage permissions
  •  Prevent bouncing notes list when an ad is refreshed

Inkpad Notepad and To-do list v4.3.31 Premium