Genius Stream Apk Live TV IPTV v2.3

Genius Stream

Genius Stream Apk allows you to watch your favorite sports, movies, and TV channels. This is mainly used on mobile devices like phones and tablets but might work on some boxes.

Genius Stream apk

External Player

  •  MX Player Pro
  •  Video Player All Format (XPlayer)
  •  LocalCast
  •  ExoPlayer
  •  XYZ Player
  •  VLC Player

free Genius Stream

Genius Stream apk is a Live TV Apk for android and is best used with mobile phones. The apk streams many Live Channels from many different countries. Most of the channels are available in SD and HD. You can watch sports, movies, and entertainment from countries like the UK, the US, France, India, and other European, Asian.

Features Of The App

  • Supports Multiple Players.
  • No subscription and is 100% free.
  • Watch from over 10 countries.
  • Works on wifi and (3G, 4G) networks.
  • HD and SD quality channels.
  • Simple to use apk.

Installing The App

First of all, you need to download the apk file. Then Go to settings and security. You will then need to enable unknown sources on your Android device. Install the apk file on your device. Finally, Open the app to watch your free live tv online with Huge content on your device.

Genius Stream is a fantastic apk but does have its faults and is not 100% perfect. The first fault that bugs me is when we select our channel and it will want you to sign in to your Google services. I don’t see the need for this because if we click cancel then we are able to watch as


normal so what is the point?. The developer needs to really think about removing this because its a feature that is there but really not been used.

Mod Details

  • Disabled ads (nightmare)
  • Removed ad-block detection
  • Disabled google login services
  • Removed a couple of link redirects to a website(this was tricky) you might still see a very quick blank box on startup.
  • Mod by hifi 2007


When i was modding this 1 everything worked but at the moment i can not see a single channel that is active. Im hoping i have not wasted my and your time in modding this 1. A few days ago it was working very well but as it stands nothing works.

Genius mod by hifi 2007 reviews