FREE MOVIESEE is possibly the best website I have seen for a very long time it offers many options from cam to SD to full HD. It also offers very old content as well as the new content. The biggest reason this website is so good is the fact that we see no popups or annoying ads. We also have an autoplay and as soon as we choose our movie or tv show it will play. You can choose to select the quality as low as 480p all the way to full 1080p so suits all bandwidth caps. We can also play our movie or tv in full screen. I have tested in the browser google chrome and internet explorer and work great with no need to block and this should also work on many other devices that support a browser don’t take my word for it try it yourself.

movie or tv


  • A big list of movies and tv shows that offers new and old content to play.
  • At the time of writing, I see no annoying advertisements or popups and the website is lightning fast.
  • The website has a search and a filter for years to easily find what you are looking for.
  • Movies load very fast, all we need to do is hit play and the show will begin.
  • Has a rating system in the way of a heart, (i love this movie)
  • No need to sign up or even log in to view the content. Everything is 100% free to use.

Website Address

You can find the website HERE. Check it out this should work on many devices such as Android, Apple, Windows, Mac, and many others that have a browser installed.

Similar Website

If you would like to look for more websites like this then BatFlix might be an option. BatFlix has a very similar line-up and it is also ad-free and a very fast website.

APK Download

If you are interested in the apk it can be found on the husham website HERE

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