Filmbox Live [Subscribed] TV channels

Filmbox Live Apk

Filmbox Live offers you the choice of movies from drama to thriller, action to comedy, award-winning productions to the ones you can watch with all your family. What is more, is that you can enjoy all these unique contents with only a single subscription.

Fightbox HD

In addition to these; the app also offers thematic channels such as Fightbox HD with back-to-back fight events to Fast&Funbox with adrenaline-pumping car races. Fashion box HD channel is for fashionistas, while Docubox HD is for documentary lovers. Finally, Filmbox Arthouse for those that are interested in art movies and 360Tunebox for the ones who cannot live without music. All these channels are online on 7/24.

Filmbox Live


  • Docubox
  • 360 Tune box
  • Fast n fun
  • Fightbox
  • Arthouse
  • Fashion box

More Info

This is a patched version and is free of subscriptions ect.I’ve noticed the TV section is completely blank and nothing shows up. This is not an issue with the mod because its also happening with the original.


Would I Use This If I Had To Pay?

No way, For what we get then it isn’t worth paying any monthly fees. For free it is good enough but there is so much better out there. Try it for yourself.

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If you want to buy this service CLICK ME but i strongly urge against this.

Filmbox Live Premium v4.9