Evolve TV apk live tv download Android

Evolve TV apk

Evolve TV apk live tv download Android

Evolve TV apk allows you to watch more than 100 channels from around the world. You can download and check out their website HERE.


  • Easy to use.
  • Watch live tv from USA, UK and more.
  • Seems very fast.
  • Can change player and use MX PLAYER.


Claims to stop all types of blocking, during live events


With the apk, you can choose to watch the channels, with the Mx Player, Vlc, etc


They offer more than 100 HD channels, from many different countries.

Simple to use

The apk is designed in a way which makes it easy to use for all users.


When I first saw this apk it has the look and feel of mega IPTV and offers a very similar interface. It offers countries such as Albania, Italy, UK, Germany, EX YUGO, TURKEY, SPAIN, FRANCE, USA, and sports channel. On testing all the channels I tried worked fine without any buffering. So far I like this 1 and the fact it has its own website is a bonus.

Evolve TV v1.1 [Mod by TryRoom]

Mod Details: Remove AdCounter, Remove AdBlock Detection, Remove Banner Place Holder, Remove Ip Address Track, Remove MxPlayer Free & Add MxPlayer Pro, Remove Ads.


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