CKayTV Free IPTV Is Back Ad-Free Android


CKayTV Free IPTV Is Back Ad-Free Android

CKayTV Free IPTV is back and free. Some time ago CKayTV dropped a bombshell telling people to download the new updated version of the app. In this new update, it wasn’t too long before people noticed we had to pay to view all of the channels.

The developer of the app had lots of backlash from this move and many of the posts can be found on their facebook group. In the facebook group, lots of people were posting comments about the change and many people decided to completely remove the application altogether.CKayTV Free IPTV

The Good News

I was checking my apk folder today on my computer because I like to keep up with what is working and what is not. To my surprise when I rechecked ckay tv I downloaded the update and it was back to how it was before the change. As far as i know, the developer does still have a subscription version but now has the free version too.

What Is CKayTV Free IPTV

CKayTV is an apk that allows you to watch channels from many countries. They allows you to stream videos from across the web directly on your Android and Firestick devices.

Official website

The website can be found HERE to support the development of this app.

Mod details

  • removed ads
  • removed location hifi 2007 reviews


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