CCleaner Pro Free Latest Version Android v4.22.0


CCleaner Pro apk

CCleaner Pro is an Android device cleaner software that will help make your device fast by optimizing and cleaning memory past files used and will help boost your speeds by shutting down the running process in the background. This will also help by cleaning your past browsing history and keep your history more private from spying eyes.

Clean And Remove Unwanted Junk

  • You can speed up your phone/tablet easily and remove unneeded past junk files.
  • Clean the cache of apps including downloaded files and your surfing history, clipboard.
  • Remove and delete phone logs and text messages in bulk.

CCleaner Pro

Save Space And Remove Old Files

  • Android phones and tablets can be streamlined.
  • Uninstall unwanted apk very quickly to save space and it can be done by batch remove.
  • Free up storage on any Android device to make your device faster.

User-Friendly And Fast

  • It takes just a couple of clicks to optimize and speed up your device.
  • The interface is simple and easy for the user to navigate.
  • No ads and lite weight size.
  • Low footprint and won’t hog your CPU or memory.

Monitor Your CPU And RAM

  • Look at the usage of your CPU and keep track of your RAM and internal storage space.
  • Check to see your battery levels and temperature.

Speeding Up Your Device

By running this often this can help to keep your device running lag-free. The app is useful for those slower devices and those that just want to keep things nice and clean. The app can also help to remove your browsing habits and keep things more private.

Play Store

CCleaner can be found and download from the play store HERE check it out and support the development of this. If you prefer to use the pro version then check out my download links below.

CCleaner Cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, Booster v4.22.0 build 800006789 Professional]