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AnimeDLR apk is an application to watch the latest episodes of the best anime streaming from your Android. The apk doesn’t host any of the episodes, it just links you to them through several different servers. Once you choose a server, you can search for the anime you want and start watching any episode immediately. Stream them, or download them to your device so you can watch them later even without an Internet connection.

AnimeDLR apk

AnimeDLR Info

You will not need to use an external player in order to watch the episodes because they have already got a built-in player and should be enough for most people. You can also use VLC or MX Player which are fantastic players to use.AnimeDLR is a great app for anime fans. It will let you watch the latest episodes of your favorite series from within Android. The interface is nice and simple to use and lets you save your favorite tv-series and also has an option to download and manage the episodes you have downloaded.

My Review

I’m not an Anime fan myself but this apk will be great for anyone that is a lover of Anime. The apk has been around for over 2 years now. It continues to get updated and all the best sources fixed in each update. At the time of writing, this is probably the most up to date and stable Anime app at the moment where other similar apps are here today and gone tomorrow. This apk supports Android 4.1 and up and is best suited for mobile cellphones but might work in certain android boxes. If you want to download from the original source then click HERE. This will help the developer and keep him motivated to continue with the project.


  • choose the server where you want to watch or download your anime.
  • add anime to a download queue.
  • bookmark your preferred series.
  • watch your anime online or offline.
  • MyAnimeList synchronization.


Release 5.2.4

  •  Some bugs fixed.
  •  Some internal improvements.
  •  Bulk edit the episodes are ordered.

Release v7.0.1

  • Ads-free

Mod Details

  • debug information removed
  • analysts disabled
  • a few services removed
  • ad-free by default
  • mod by hifi 2007

AnimeDLR v7.1.6 AnimeDLR-7.1.6 by Kirlif


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