Airy TV Free Legal App v2.12.5 Phone Tablet MOD

Airy TV is a great legal way to watch free entertainment and 100% free Free TV, Movies & Comedy. Stream Anime & Sports, all your entertainment in one place.

Want a laugh with some Comedy?

The app brings the best Comedy we could find. Let’s start off with America’s Funniest Home Videos or AFV. Sit back, relax, watchmen, get hit in the balls on AFV, laugh, rinse……….repeat. We have more Comedy with a number of shows from Comedy Central. Find Saturday Night Live, Tosh.0, Key and Peele, and Dave Chapelle are all on our Comedy Central channel. We even have Comedy Stand-up. As much Comedy Stand-up as you can take new and old, never stop laughing with the Comedy on Airy TV.

Airy TV

Do you want to sit and relax to watch a good documentary?

Do you believe in Ghost Hunters, or UFO Aliens (Anyone else wonders how these shows get on the History Channel?). We have paranormal shows, including Ghost Hunters, True Stories, and Alien Abductions, and scare yourself to sleep at night.

Interested in Sports?

Because we love Sports. We have Rugby, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Field Hockey, and more. Do you like Wrestling? You can’t have Sports without wrestling we have classic and new WWE machines with all your favorite icons. Did we mention you can watch Beach Volleyball? Who doesn’t love Sports that involve bikinis?

Love Cartoons?

Airy TV delivers content from Cartoon Network, Funimation, Hanna Barbara, and even independent animation houses. Do we have Looney Toons? Of Course, PJ Mask? Got it, Peppa Pig? Check, Teen Titans? Always, Marvel Avengers? We are the Endgame in entertainment. We are always expanding our Anime catalog on our Funimation channel so check back often.

Official Website

If you want to use the original source it can be found HERE, this will help support the development of the app in the way of ads. This also ensures you keep up to date with the latest fixes and new releases.

Playstore app store

At the moment the app can be found on the play store HERE if you have the store and want to download directly then feel free to.

Mod Details

  • Useless permissions and services removed
  • Removed the constant ad request
  • Disabled analytics
  • Removed receivers and useless services
  • Arm support
  • mod by hifi2007 reviews


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