Pocket TV apk live tv app tv download Android

Pocket TV apk

Pocket TV apk live tv download Android

Pocket TV apk is a live tv app that offers many channels from around the world which includes India, USA, united kingdom, Pakistan, Germany and much more. The apk also includes a sports section as well as its own cricket section. The apk can be found on the play store HERE but the play store version is very limited and doesn’t offer the full channel list until you download the update from within your downloaded app.


  • Works on all networks 2G, 3G, WiFi.
  • Can share the apk with friends and family.
  • Very easy to use and the interface is simple.
  • Add to Favorites and watch later.

The apk has been around a long time but has had its problems in the past such as the play store completely removing the apk and then channels going down often. The apk is now back in the play store but is a stripped down version and doesn’t offer many channels because this is to avoid the play store from removing such content. If we are to download from the play store then we will need to redownload the unlocked or full version.

You can download the unlocked version from my website below and at the time of writing many of the channels are working fine and I offer the ad-free version. If you feel you want to support the developer of this apk then you can choose the play store link above.

Pocket TV – Show | Movies | News | Sports
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