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an apk for android which offers movies tv shows and kids cartoons
it looks to be a decent android app
give it a try

songs used in this video

Lynne Hamilton – On The Inside (Prisoner Cell Block H)
it-s different – Outlaw (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release]
Glude – Identity [NCS Release]

Download the official Newest Movies HD app for the Android. Watch and download movies and TV series in HD. Newest Movies HD is similar to apps like Showbox, Playbox, and Cartoon HD. It also supports the Chromecast.

mod by ries

v3.0 still connects but won’t update content anymore so here’s the new mod.
Note that v3.8 has a different package name so it will install alongside v3.0 so you might want to remove that.

  1. download link 1
  2. download link 2

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  1. this free app or i need to pay to watch shows

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