Live Net TV World

This apk called Live Net TV World provides lots of live TV channels. It has 7 categories which include Sports, Entertainment, News, Cooking, Music, Kids and Religious. We can also watch movies that we like from the hamburger menu with the Vod section and it offers many countries.Live NetTV is absolutely free.It has the option to choose from 4 video players to view this live tv apk. I  recommend we use the  MX player which I think works best in this apk and this is what I use but it all depends on your device and which player works best for you. The apk also has an option for scheduled events mainly focusing on sports.

Features of  live net tv world apk

  •  Has 100 plus live channels.
  •  Many links for channels so if some link goes down we can choose alternative links.
  •  Easy to use apk.
  •  Can request a channel.
  • Ability to select a player of our choice.
  • Works on all kinds of devices, Boxes, Cellphones, Tablets, Firetv firestick.

My review on this android live net tv world apk

Just recently I did a top 10 video of the best live tv app and this is my number 1 choice. It has been around a while now and very rarely does it go offline and the channel list is huge and is kept updated daily. The app offers so much content its fantastic for free. It offers many channels including entertainment sports kids documentary and so much more. Check out their website HERE.


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  1. Hi hifi. So I noticed the link for live nettv has been updated on 02/14/19 yet the version still says 4.6. is there anything new about it? Or is this just the first time you’ve hosted it on your site?

  2. hi, Dave its the same version m8, I just starting to rewrite my articles a little better. I still have a lot to do to improve but I’m getting there.

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