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koko time app review

Requirements: 4.1+

Overview: Kokotime is a simple and elegantly designed android media center that lets you connect to the media world through addons you can load media from media servers made available by the community and browse different type of content including movies, tv shows, etc.
Lots of features are implemented and ingeniously put together to create the ultimate media experience on your android device and with addons you are sure to get unlimited content from all over the internet !

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Some features :
-Auto subtitles in over 187 languages
-Simple and elegant video player with gesture controls
-in app addon store to install addons made available by the community
-native in app chromecast support with easy access to streamable content
-Universal cast, stream videos from your device to ANY other device that has a browser.
-user friendly layouts
-continue watching section, always continue exactly where you left off
-And much more !

What’s New:

v2.2.7 16/07/2018 – LATEST
+ A lot of android TV dpad navigation issues have been fixed for a better experience on android tv, this includes bugs like random focusing when scrolling down etc..
+ Fixed media indexing issues on some devices
+ Added filemanager to “Home” section in menu instead of opening in new page
+ lower ad frequency
+ Addon store now indicates the addon type and descriptions have been extended to a maximum of 3 lines
+ fixed button focus issues on android tv
+ A few crash fixes
+ Potential security issues from addon system fixed


What’s New:
v2.2.9 07/08/2018
+Fixed subtitles sometimes disappearing before end of media
+Added ability to play organized media with external media player (For premium users)
+Media downloaded through Kokotime will now be saved to the external storage and visible to other media apps (for premium users)
+Added brazilian portuguese to the available subtitle languages and added additonal languages
+Episode names and descriptions will now be provided by the app when possible including for local organized media.
+Changed pager animation for a few pagers in app
+Attempt to fix addons not downloading correctly from the addon store causing addons to now work after installation
+Attempt to fix random crashing on some devices.

What’s New:
+Attempt to fix installed addons not working on some devices due to a bug that only downloads part of the file from addon repository
+Fixed autoscroll bug on media info page that scrolls automatically the page on load
+Fixed subtitle language search
+A couple few bug fixes here and there to make the app more stable
+The episode list will now scroll to the last played episode on the list including in the episode list of video player
+The currently watching episode is now also indicated in the episode list


What’s New:
v2.2.11 11/08/2018
+Added a few sliding animations when refreshing main menu
+A few bugs fixed on chromecast/universal cast remote
+Long clicking on a channel will now add it to a “My Favorites” group so users can build their own channel groups
+A few bugs fixed on universal cast
+A few bugs fixed on subtitle syncing
+Fixed auto subtitles sometimes not loading even when subtitles are available
+Optimized video playing for lower power consumption on mobile devices

website kokotime.tv/

What’s New:
v2.2.13 03/10/2018
+ Added EPG support for channels, users can now add their xmltv epg provider to get the currently running show and set the refresh intervals. EPG system also supports big EPG files over 100mb.
+ Added image manager to browse images and auto album generator to automatically detect and organise your images
+ The video player will now scan all the installed addons for sources even when the one being used provides sources, this can cause longer load times but more video sources.
+ More bug fixes here and there

What’s New:
Version 2.2.14 on 10.19.2018
+ Bug fixes
+ Added genres to main screen and ability to browse genres of all available media providers in one list

playstore play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scrdev.pg.kokotimeapp&hl=en

download1 ln.sync.com/dl/eb31f2db0/vrrfsbd2-b24vsucw-x3bg253a-wfyyvdci
download2 www.filedropper.com/kokotimepro2214
download3 nofile.io/f/1ptKh5cTcQu/Kokotime_Pro_2.2.14.apk
download4 megaupload.nz/k6m0pfkab3/Kokotime_Pro_2.2.14_apk

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