fast movies-apk-android

fast movies-apk-android

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Watch newly released and most popular movies fast and easy

Fast Movies is preconfigured to :
– Fetch new released and most popular movies from various online sources.
– Fetch the best quality streaming links.
– Adjust streaming to available Internet connection speed.
– Add new movies everyday.
– Search movies available online.

fast movies-apk-android

Requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Overview: A preconfigured movie streaming app for android mobiles to watch latest released and most popular movies fast and easy.

Fast Movies is a BROWSER, customized and preconfigured to search the PUBLIC web to find the latest released movies and fetch their respective best quality streaming links available to watch and download.

Fast Movies includes built-in powerful video player, supports VLC and MPV media players, and lets you open streaming link using any external application installed on your device.

* Fast Movies does NOT host any content on private servers.
* All of the content provided here is available to the public and can be accessed via a web browser and Internet connection.
* Fast Movies is not related to any kind of hard-coded offers included in some movie videos.


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fast movies v1.1.1

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