EverStream Movies lets you watch your favorite movies streaming from your smartphone. Available for Android

What is it

EverStream movies is to movies what EverStream series is to TV series.
It allows you to view your movies streaming from your smartphone or tablet.

Your movies in any circumstances, 3g / 4g / WiFi / Offline
– Comfortably installed in your armchair, in bed, …
– In transport: train, metro, car (for passengers only), …
– In the office (not good)
– On the road: at the hotel, abroad, …
– And even without network coverage and wifi: cf synchronization

The essential functions
– Synchronization
– Daily catalog update
– Choice of the language (VF, VOSTFR, VO)
– Search function
– Manage your favorites (WISHLIST): this is your page with your favorite movies accessible without search.

Undeniable advantages
No subscription required for hosting companies.
No limitation 30 minutes from viewing.


EverStream servers do not host any video, it is a service of connection between the consumer (you) and existing streams (in a host). They search for and propose existing flows. – Some video may not work or do not match but we are not.

Choice of the version [VF] [VOSTFR] [VO]

  1. download link 1 http://www.filedropper.com/everstreammoviesver1610build33
  2. download link 2 https://ln.sync.com/dl/15dda5540/vbj8sme8-bz9wp4g8-et2ak4ep-iwbubh9d

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