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Aptoide Lite android review

Aptoide Lite v2.0.2 final


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Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Aptoide is the largest independent Android Appstore and allows one to setup and manage your own Android Market.

Aptoide – Your open source package installer to Android phone.
Aptoide client is an open source Android application that allows one to install software. The installed software comes from multiple sources called “stores”.
Aptoide offers not only a main store but also the possibility for any user to create and manage its own store. This unique approach to the apps marketplace ecosystem allows rapid growth founded on users’ collaborative work. In fact, it ensures greater diversity of applications and better capacity for dissemination and propagation of Aptoide among new users.
If you want to create your own store, visit us: http:www.aptoide.com.
website https://m.aptoide.com/installer-aptoide-lite

  1. download link 1 https://ln.sync.com/dl/04b9983e0/kxnksdcf-3z83squj-92hjjytz-6ewmzbzh
  2. download link 2 https://nofile.io/f/nsA4sUymhN5/Aptoide+Lite-2.0.2.apk

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